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What a great experience it was having our newly acquired home space cleared with Kiyo. As it was a big house, it took us a full day during which it was also an introspective journey of understanding better where we are in our lives and what we wanted, both as individuals as well as a family living under the same roof. These aspirations now remain linked to our home which is a great way to be reminded of them.

It was only after the clearing did we feel settled in our house. We feel keener to get home after being away, sleep better there, feel more grounded and confident that the energy there is clean. It feels like a place which restores our vitality.

Despite the house being in the country side, there seemed to be very few birds which was puzzling. However, since the space clearing, it is obvious that the bird life is more vibrant. It was also reassuring to know from Kiyo that the energy of the house from the previous owner was quite light and positive. And after clearing it with him, it really made us feel like it was OUR house!

We appreciated Kiyo’s sharp and sensitive vision, his sensing felt concise and relevant. He took great care and consideration throughout the ceremony. We felt that the colours he chose for our altar crystallised what we were looking for. The words he chose also had a lot of meaning and depth.

Thanks to Kiyo, we are now not only living in nice place but in a beautiful space which resonates with us!

竹内 清文さんの人生のストーリー

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